Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds

I saw you guys play tonight at Flood City Music Festival for the first time, and now I regret not being able to see you in the past... Most fun I've had at a concert so far, hands down! Your drive, energy and Arleigh's presence (and sheer crazy-dancy-adorableness) really took me to another level of awesome-music-fun-time. You guys are AMAZING and I can't wait to get your albums and listen to them until I explode (maybe literally!). Arleigh, your voice was out of this world, Jackson's harmonica - HOW DO YOU DO THAT?! Josh, your bass was awesome. Loved the unicorn mask. Phil, Ryan, Brian: Your brass was so crazy. Sasha and Bram, your guitar and drum skills are insane. I should probably ask a question now! Knowing there will definitely be Music Festival in 2014, would you consider returning once again? I'd drop anything and rush to Johnstown if I saw that you were back on the list!!

-From your newest, and one day biggest fan, Ryan R. from Johnstown, PA (thank you for playing, so so much)

Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds responded on 08/06/2013

Thanks Ryan! Wow, we're all flattered. Great to hear from you (was that other question from you too? Ha).

Like we said, we'd love to come back... we love the fans at Flood City...

Btw, we have a new EP coming out October 1st - you can stream a track here:

Enjoy and catch you soon!

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