Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds

Hi guys, I 'm a musician-songwriter and along with my son have material you may or may not be interested in rearranging to your format. You may only write ur own songs but we all know how hard it is. Really would be nice if you would give my stuff a listen. I've been out playing for about 35 yrs or so and take my music serious. I saw ur band in Johnstown for both shows and was very impressed or i wouldn't want u to hear my music. I have it in cd format. I am coming to see you in pittsburgh in Nov. so aybe i can give it to you then or send it if i had an address. I have 5 songs on one cd. thanks for giving me a wonderful time in Johnstown which is only about 20 miles from my hometown. I have been promoting your band in my area and people really love your sound. Thanks again .

Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds responded on 08/08/2013

Thanks Dave - we're always into checking out new music. Come by a show and drop us a disc! Thanks for digging the music and spreading the word - we really appreciate it!

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