Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds

you all are quite amazing and it is quite impressive how far you have come in recent years. who may i ask is responsible for promoting , managing and booking your act the last 3-5 years ? would you recommend them to another fledgling band ? what is the key or glue to your current success ? thank you! by the way we caught your act at catskill chill this year and it was incredible and ever so inspiring. thanx again! sincerely h.b.

Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds responded on 10/05/2013

Thanks for the kind words, Hector! We've had the same management and booking team for the past few years, and we're very lucky to have them on board. You can find their contact info at We've worked with a number of different PR firms in that time as well (our current one is on that webpage as well).

There's something magical you can't put a finger on when you're in a band and things feel great. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, you know? We're family to each other (even the ones that aren't blood-related), and we take care of each other and try to remember to be sane and respectful. That's our glue. The music demands respect and time, and we're all committed to giving it that, and you have to take care of that second. Beyond that, there's a lot of work behind the scenes that needs to be taken care of (especially when you don't have money to pay others to do it for you), so it's important that those things need to get done as well...

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