Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds

Hey Birds,
I feel remiss not to have contacted you right after your Santa Cruz show several weeks ago but it's make up time!. So there I was with four friends who knew nothing about you other than that I recommended you with what I heard on the web, kicking myself that I had missed you the first go round in Santa Cruz. The first four songs got the crowd grooving but good gawd oh lawdy, from about the fifth song on, you grabbed hold of us and did not let up! Did not let up in that each song got better, we couldn't smile or scream anymore than we already were and by shows-end, we were all lookiing at each other as if to say: "what the hell just hit us?" and "when can we do it again". The horns, the showmanship, the loose yet tight feel, the impossible sexiness of one lead singer who has the wonderfully raspy pipes to match.

Thanks birds for an all time great show and I have been to a lot. When do you think your next california run is?


Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds responded on 11/24/2013

Thanks so much for the kind words, Jim. We always love coming out to California - it's where a few of the Birds grew up and still others among us have lots of family out there. It's our home away from home (besides the van).

We can't announce anything yet but we have a west coast plan(s) in the works for 2014 already. Stay tuned - we'll definitely be putting the word out through our mailing list and social media. Catch you then!

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