Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds

Hi Arleigh, I also want to know? I never get to hear your signature songs, HOLLOW BONES, and especially BOOM BOOM. This has you guys written all over it! This is who your are! I'll be in the house again for your shows Nov.1st at the F.T.C., and again later in the month at the BOWERY. Please don't disappoint me, or we'll have to break up! See-ya, Louie. And seriously, definitely consider those 2 ZEP alternatives, "since I've been loving you", and "achilles last stand".

Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds responded on 09/20/2014

Zep has a long of tunes we love! We rearranged all of IV for a special show last January at Brooklyn Bowl.

And we're happy to hear you like those 3 songs. We change up the setlist every single night, and at this point we have a large enough list of songs to choose from that we can't even come close to fitting everything on the set list in a given night. I'm sure over the course of 2 nights at FTC that we'll cover just about everything though! Cheers

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