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I am looking forward to seeing you at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass! You web site identifies the venue as being in Daly City. Whaaaaaaa ? That's like saying Yankee Stadium is in New Jersey. Here's hoping your driver will get you to San Francisco on Oct 4.

Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds responded on 09/20/2014

Haha! Good catch - just fixed that. Some wire must have got crossed in the internet somewhere - it was definitely entered as a "San Francisco" show, and something went awry underneath the hood. Can't wait to play that festival and catch all the great music happening that weekend. Catch you there!

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Hi Arleigh, I've seen you guys perform about a half dozen times now in N.Y. & CT, and I like your style. I'm in my late 50's, and I've seen ALOT of artists over the last 40 years, even big names like AC DC, and AEROSMITH, when they were playing tiny clubs like you are now. But that's the fun of checking out new talent, you try to predict who's going to blow up! Anyway, I like all genres of music, but I'm partial to bluesy rock. You guys fit the bill, but honestly I'm stumped how you manage to play everywhere; punk clubs, dead shows, country fests, etc. My experience tells me you should concentrate in one area only, and maximize your potential. Your schtick works for you Arleigh, the wide eyes, hair flip, and pumps, but most important, you can sing. Your brother is the bomb on the harp, and you have a horn section to die for. Lastly, despite what you're hearing, DUMP the ROCK & ROLL ZEP song. It doesn't work for you. Play SINCE IV'E BEEN LOVING YOU, or ACHILLES LAST STAND. That's you !!

Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds responded on 09/20/2014
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Hi Arleigh, I also want to know? I never get to hear your signature songs, HOLLOW BONES, and especially BOOM BOOM. This has you guys written all over it! This is who your are! I'll be in the house again for your shows Nov.1st at the F.T.C., and again later in the month at the BOWERY. Please don't disappoint me, or we'll have to break up! See-ya, Louie. And seriously, definitely consider those 2 ZEP alternatives, "since I've been loving you", and "achilles last stand".

Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds responded on 09/20/2014
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