Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds

Hello! Hope I find all well. Late request, but none the less, would love to arrive early and meet with Jackson. My friend Tommy Lepson will be playing in opening act. I am Eli, and play harmonica. I have heard Jackson before and love his playing, and particularly use of pedal effects. I know no one else doing this and am playing with it but a novice with no one to advise.

I normally play in the SF Bay area. I am very good friends with Will Scarlett, also Joe Filisco, and David Barrett. I sometimes play when here with GD Tribute bands but generally with Memphis Gold, blues. If Jackson is open I'd arrive early and eat dinner upstairs and join him for a short time. It would be a great pleasure.
I am an 'old head' and have about a foot long white beard, so easy to recognize.

You can reach me at :

My respects to Jackson, and hope my request will be received positively. I have been to your shows before and very impressed with him. Gratefully, Eli

Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds responded on 04/15/2015

Great to connect with you at the show!

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