Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds

I went to the Rough Trade site to try and buy tickets for 5/20, very confusing. First of all, not clear you can buy tickets if you don't go there on 5/18. Second, if you can, what time does the show start? Your site says 8:00, they say 7:00, and they have another band listed to play at 8:00.

Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds responded on 05/12/2015

Sorry Jerry! The deal with the show is, anyone who buys our new album (on CD or Vinyl) at Rough Trade, which will be available starting Monday 5/18, gets 2 wristbands that grant admission to the show. The show is at 7:00 - we corrected our listings. The only way to get into the show is through purchase of an album. Looking forward to it!

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