Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds

Is Delta Blues another name for modern day Rock and Roll.? Supposing there's a difference between Rock and Roll and Rock. Probably so with Rock and Roll with a more. R & B taint. And leaving Delta Blues alone, somewhere there, with the Stones Because I don't see Led Zeppelin as a Rock and Roll band from the 50'a or 60's. Maybe from the 80's , but that's a different standard.. Led Zeppelin will always be a Rock or as they were known in the 70's as a Hard Rock group. I don't know if Leonard Skynyrd, or the Doobie brothers are Rock and Roll bands. They are also Rock bands as the Beatles were, and not rock and roll. So my question is : If Delta Blues is synonymous, with present day Rock and Roll ? Or just another name for the Rolling Stones ?

Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds responded on 03/08/2016

"Talking about music is like dancing about architecture"

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