Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds

Found you totally by accident on youtube, the Tiny Desk Concert, it was on autoplay and I very nearly cancelled, so glad I did not as I think you are brilliant, you really have something different which is so hard to do. I got the new studio album straight away, Its on repeat in the car on the way to work, the live album is on order along with the other 2 studio albums...Sister Sparrow overload coming up. My question is I have seen something about a live DVD, is this still in the pipeline and if so, any idea when it will be out? Also will we be seeing you in the UK sometime soon ?
Cheers from a big new UK fan :-)

Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds responded on 04/29/2016

Hey Martin! We are absolutely still planning on the DVD... keep you posted. The footage is amazing - very high quality, great angles, great lighting - and we'll definitely get a pre-order going soon. Keep you posted! Europe is something we'd love to make happen at some point... we talk about it often. Hopefully at some point we make some inroads that allow us to get overseas...

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