Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds

Imagine a b3 organ mixed in? I know.... theydon't fit well in Vans but wow that would add texture (not thathe band needs it) A baritone guitar would also sound kewl with the baritone sax? I play a mean Dan Electro baritone guitar if you need to hear me just hollar its tuned low B to B and is 6 strings and a loooong neck:) I will post someting on u tube with the baritone soon.
I was thinking Little Feat hearing you first time and sure enuff its an influence.
I do SRV's Riviera Paradise solo on my very old Strat and also a 12 string acoustic ) at yary gork on u tube. Love to record with you someday!
I bet you will be on a late night TV show soon-hey now that will sell some music! then you will have a private jet to scoot around in.....lets think big . be safe on the road K? surround yourselves with white light (a force field of love and protection)

Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds responded on 05/04/2017

b3 = Jackson on harp ;-)

stay dirty.

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